Roof cleaning is one home maintenance task that most homeowners often overlook. Typically, it becomes a pretty clear indication that it’s time for maintenance if the siding of your house is dirty or the paint is fading. On the other hand, the roof of your house is located above it. This means that people won’t usually notice what’s happening there.  

Unfortunately, a roof that isn’t maintained or cleaned properly can result in damage. A lot of homeowners do not think about this. A dirty roof can shorten the lifespan of the materials. Today, we’re going to talk about why you should consider roof cleaning Charlottesville today. 

Soiling of the Roof 

Every single day, your roof is exposed to all the elements. It’s a fact that debris and dirt will accumulate on it. Usually, natural rainfall is enough to get rid of most of the dirt. Unfortunately, the green and dark stains that appear on the roof are caused by other factors. This includes: 

  • Moss 

For those who do not know, moss is a type of plant. Its root system is very shallow. Because of this, it needs a lot of water to thrive. Places that receive little-to-no sunlight often stay wet for a long period. Aside from offering more shade, overhanging tree branches also drop debris that services as food source for moss. Oftentimes, moss spores are transferred by animals or wind. Thus, they can be spread easily from one house to another.  

  • Lichens 

Basically, lichens are a mix of fungus and algae. They’re a type of fungus that grows together with algae. Lichens typically have a branching growth of root-like tentacles that can penetrate deep into the base of a shingle. You might have a hard time getting rid of lichens. Once you remove them, they can reappear again from rain and humidity.  

  • Algae 

You have probably seen black stains on the roof. For those who don’t know, these stains are also known as algae. They eat both limestone and asphalt roofing. Algae usually grow in shaded, cool, and moist places on the roof. GM creates a blue-green color if there’s little-to-no light. Thus, you’ll probably have algae on your roof if it has a lot of shaded spots. Algae can also harbor different forms of mold. Just like moss, algae can be carried by animals or wind. Thus, they can spread quickly from one house to another.  

The growth patches and stains caused by moss, fungi, and algae can damage your roof through wood rot and deterioration of the shingle. Both can result in costly repairs and can shorten your roof’s lifespan. If you want to reverse or lower this damage, roof cleaning is your best option. 

Moss, algae, and fungi can divert water and hold in moisture. This makes your roof deck prone to water damage and wood rot. If the damage is severe, it can even lead to leaks inside the house. Keep in mind that these things are hard to discover since they’re located above. Make sure you schedule a roof inspection regularly to know if it is time to clean your roof